Busan, South Korea 2014

After going to several tourist spots, a visit to Busan is not complete without a quick stop at the venue of the Busan International Film Festival.


Seoul, South Korea 2014

There are so many famous shooting locations in Seoul but since my South Korean trip was sort of like a meet and greet tour with my friends and students, I didn't have enough time to explore on my own. Fortunately, I stayed in Hapjeong which is less than minutes away from Hongdae by subway. My… Continue reading Seoul, South Korea 2014

Korean variety

1박 2일 (1N2D Seoul Special)

The only time I cried while watching a Korean variety was when Song Joong Ki said goodbye in Running Man. I didn’t cry when Joo Won left 2 Days and 1 Night Season 2. As much as I adore his extreme aegyo, I think he’s better off doing dramas,films and musicals. That season sure had… Continue reading 1박 2일 (1N2D Seoul Special)