Korean drama

킬미,힐미 (Kill Me,Heal Me Episode 10)

If all of Cha Do Hyun’s personalities appeared in one day but his strongest alter remained quiet, that’s definitely a red flag. Shin Se Gi didn’t show up til the last minute aka ‘the wrong time’. The hot tempered personality couldn’t contain his anger and jealousy when he opened his eyes and found Oh Ri… Continue reading 킬미,힐미 (Kill Me,Heal Me Episode 10)

Korean drama

힐러 (Healer Final)

Healer introduced us to a mysterious anti-hero who didn’t seem to care about his true identity until he met the woman who is worth sharing reality with. A lot has happened since then and the finale delivered as we witness a sweet, funny, and action packed episode with Seo Jung Hoo and his team leaves… Continue reading 힐러 (Healer Final)

Korean drama

Kill Me Heal Me / Hyde Jekyll Me

Adding to the list of Kdrama land’s traumatized chaebols are Ji Sung’s Cha Do Hyun in Kill Me Heal Me and Hyun Bin’s Goo Seo Jin in Hyde,Jekyll,Me. Both dramas deal with the subject of D.I.D- Dissociative identity disorder or more popularly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.Hence,the non-stop online fracas on who plagiarized who. Secret pair… Continue reading Kill Me Heal Me / Hyde Jekyll Me