Kill Me Heal Me / Hyde Jekyll Me

Adding to the list of Kdrama land’s traumatized chaebols are Ji Sung’s Cha Do Hyun in Kill Me Heal Me and Hyun Bin’s Goo Seo Jin in Hyde,Jekyll,Me. Both dramas deal with the subject of D.I.D- Dissociative identity disorder or more popularly known as Multiple Personality Disorder.Hence,the non-stop online fracas on who plagiarized who.

Secret pair Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum’s reunion premiered a couple of weeks before Hyun Bin’s comeback drama.Though I was one of those who can’t wait to see Hyun Bin on the small screen again,I’d have to say that I’m happy that Ji Sung is winning the ratings battle.

Ji Sung x Hyun Bin 
These two stars shine brightly in Hallyuniverse but apparently, their drama characters aren’t on the same level. Cha Do Hyun’s interesting seven effortlessly slays Goo Seo Jin’s two contrasting personalities. The good boy vs. bad boy split is quite common but Ji Sung’s character has more distinct personalities inside him including a suicidal 17-year-old genius and his bratty twin sister,a little girl,and a country ahjussi. Aside from emphasizing JiSung’s versatility, all personalities give the audience a little something to look forward to in every episode.

Hyde Jekyll Me,on the other hand,suffered from extremely high expectations and vivid similarities with Hyun Bin’s ever so popular character in Secret Garden.

I find it quite difficult to sympathize with a condescending Goo Seo Jin who’s trying to get rid of his gentle savior alter ego compared to the earnest and hardworking Cha Do Hyun who’s protecting his position in the company while controlling several personalities and taking responsiblity for whatever mess they create. I haven’t seen anything that would justify Goo Seo Jin’s cold character unlike Cha Do Hyun whose strong yet violent Shin Se Gi personality was created to overcome painful events that Do Hyun couldn’t handle.


The only thing that’s keeping me from dropping this drama is Robin’s dimpled smile. Other than that,what else you got?

Hwang Jung Eum x Han Ji Min 


I seriously thought I couldn’t endure Hwang Jung Eum’s annoying, unnecessary screams in the first few episodes but after a while,I somehow started to appreciate her genuine performance and effortless chemistry with Ji Sung.
Hyde,Jekyll,Me‘s Han Ji Min is beautiful. But that’s the problem…She is just a pretty face. Her acting is pretty mediocre. When the casting news for Hyde Jekyll Me came out, I recognized Han Ji Min’s face but I had to google her name just to see the previous projects she was in. I totally forgot that she’s the lead in Rooftop Prince. She starred in Hyun Bin’s comeback sageuk movie,too. She’s not even a bad actress. She’s just not memorable. It’s really not a good sign when a viewer can’t remember the actress at all.

Supporting Characters
After the sweet, unconventional family from Pinocchio comes this cute and funny one in Kill Me Heal Me. Oh Ri Jin’s parents played a crucial role in her decision to become Cha Do Hyun’s secret doctor instead of grabbing a rare opportunity for overseas studies. That solid support and unending love from her parents molded her as someone who’s capable of extending her hand, offering help and being a friend. Though according to Oh Ri On, everything still depends on the person who is on the receiving end. Oh Ri Jin and older twin brother Oh Ri On’s relationship is just too adorable but his oppa-ness is suspicious. And I was right all along. Since I have two brothers, I can tell that the kind of chemistry that Oh Ri Jin and Oh Ri On has, definitely fits the ‘one-of-them-was-adopted’ category. But that doesn’t make their family dynamics less endearing. I know it’s too late but I wish that Oh Ri On didn’t have to have feelings for his sister. It’s complicated enough that Cha Do Hyun and Shin Se Gi are already at war over Oh Ri Jin’s affections. And being brother-zoned will certainly hurt a hundred times more than being friendzoned.

Do Hyun’s obnoxious cousin Cha Ki Joon and foxy first love Han Chae Yeon as supporting characters have been quite uninteresting so far that I’d rather mention crazy Kim Seul Gi who added a few more laughs to this already funny drama. The only thing I like about Chae Yeon’s existence is when Cha Do Hyun pointed out that he’s actually not in love with her anymore. He just likes seeing her and be reminded of the fact that he once had that ability to love. Do Hyun’s love and office politics’ rival Cha Ki Joon is not charismatic enough to compete with a character like Shin Se Gi.

Both dramas have started off a bit ridiculous. Kill Me Heal Me had a cheap-looking overseas introduction and supernatural transformations while Hyde Jekyll Me has a cheesy gorilla rampage premiere. The mysteries are slowly getting uncovered as both shows’ main characters allow the female leads to get more involved in their lives. But while Oh Ri Jin and Cha Do Hyun build their strong relationship through a series of emotional understandings, Hyde Jekyll Me forces the romantic development through clichéd childhood memories,repeated damsel in distress moments,extravagant backdrops and fancy mid-air scenes.

It’s pretty obvious how much I favor Kill Me Heal Me especially after the LOLfest that is Episode 8. I thought Perry Park would be the funniest personality. But then came,Ahn Yo Na: the free spirited, 17 year old sasaeng fan! Ji Sung is so convincing, you’d think he’s actually possessed by a teenage girl.

Image result for ahn yo na

Now,I have to wait a week for a new episode. The preview teased us with Nana’s appearance and all personalities coming out on the same day! That’s gonna be a riot!


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