힐러 (Healer Final)

Healer introduced us to a mysterious anti-hero who didn’t seem to care about his true identity until he met the woman who is worth sharing reality with. A lot has happened since then and the finale delivered as we witness a sweet, funny, and action packed episode with Seo Jung Hoo and his team leaves us with a lasting impression.

Young Shin’s dad might not be able to grasp the entire situation yet but Jung Hoo and Young Shin got bigger things to deal with for now. I just wish dad has gotten more involved. I thought there was a purpose for being a lawyer surrounded by reformed ex-cons. If The Elder has minions, Healer could’ve built his army too.

Plan A didn’t work and and they haven’t even thought of a Plan B yet. Time is running out and if Jung Hoo doesn’t manage to clear his name, he would continue to live as a fugitive.

After Kim Moon Ho’s brilliant head-on attack to expose The Elder, I thought he’s about to meet his doom. Just as Jung Hoo said, he’s always been just good simulations but never at actual execution. I thought he’d have to sacrifice himself to at least make Moon Shik use whatever is left of his conscience. They’re brothers after all. Losing Kim Moon Ho would also mean that Jung Hoo has to step forward and take the lead. The drama, however, did not go into that tragic route and I heaved a sigh of relief as Moon walked away unscathed from that abduction.

I had the same fear for Ahjumma’s fate. When Ahn mentioned that “Healer Hacker” clicked the bait, I thought she might end up like Ki Young Jae. That would be heartbreaking not just for Healer, but for us because admit it, you love her too. If she’d disappear, it would create a downward spiral in Healer’s strategy. If that happens, I thought her hoobae detective could eventually take her place the same way Jung Hoo took the place of his Teacher. I probably would’ve done that if I were the writer to have some sort of past and present parallelism, symbolizing that you never bring good people down. No matter how much you try to get rid of them, someone will certainly take their place and fight for the same cause. Minja Ahjumma is just too awesome to be written off, though. I’m glad she survived and I laughed out loud when Jung Hoo finally had the chance to see her for the first time.


Ahjumma serves as Healer’s eyes. The last time they got disconnected,Jung Hoo almost lost his life. I’m glad that she survived but she’s probably not thrilled about the fact that she had been forced out of her hideout. Her discomfort over interactions with people is pretty hilarious.

The writer also used a kind of foreshadowing technique to give a certain amount of fear for the lives of the characters. When the finale opened with a scene of Jung Hoo recording a video, revealing himself and reminiscing about his earlier encounters with Young Shin, it sounded like a sort of goodbye. It was eerily similar to the video message that his Teacher left for him. Later on, Jung Hoo was shot right through the heart, down on a puddle of his own blood. I totally would have bought the whole fake out if I hadn’t seen how much Yoon Dong Won is crushing on Ahjumma. Besides, I don’t think the show will kill their own swoonworthy main character because if that happens, fangirls would probably rally outside KBS, boycott all of the writer’s subsequent dramas, and this blog post would be full of profanities.

The biggest problem maybe is that things seemed to have been wrapped up so quickly. We spent 19 episodes watching those annoying manipulative villains only to see Moon Shik completely lose his sanity and have the rest of the baddies get arrested. They got arrested, that’s it?! A harsher punishment would’ve been more satisfying.

The characters are well-drawn so we could imagine their implied happy ending but I still have a feeling that the ending was done in a bit of a rush. A more concrete closure would have been better. I am curious about what really happened to Seo Joon Seok. Jung Hoo fought, with his life on the line, over an interrogation tape that the show quickly dismissed in the end. I guess all that really mattered to him was that his father didn’t murder Young Shin’s father, Oh Gil Han. There are so many things that I wanted to see. Like Young Shin and Myung Hee’s reunion and how the latter would react when she finds out that the “boyfriend” Young Shin’s been telling her about is none other Jung Hoo. I’d also want to see more of how Jung Hoo and Moon Ho’s relationship has changed since the day he acknowledged him and called him uncle. Young Shin’s dad has been kept in the dark but I want to see how he’d accept Jung Hoo as his future son-in-law. I bet it would be hilarious to see the badass Coffee Bay ahjussis bowing to him like he’s some sort of a mafia boss.

I really hated Yoon Dong Won for his annoying persistence in the way he pursues Healer but I’d like to see him more vulnerable as he reveals his feelings for Ahjumma. They’d make a pretty odd couple.

I also wanted to see the look on the faces of the Someday News’ staff is Park Bong Soo introduces himself once again. This time, as Seo Jung Hoo, all debonair and not stammering.

The biggest thing that would have satisfied me is the Jung Hoo and Young Shin’s time together. I thought I’d get to see him keep his promise to scatter the Teacher’s ashes over the South Pacific. And the camera zooms out revealing the vast waters as Jung Hoo and Young Shin get all lovey-dovey in their own Moru moru island.
Things I like:
Ji Chang Wook’s raging stare


his satisfied smirk


his childish,derisive look


his fierce game face on


and his adorkable eyes.


Things I don’t like:

Anything and everything that keeps me from the things I like.


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