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Amuse Trifecta

My Bloody Monday boys: Fujimaru, Otoya and Hornet. It’s been around 6 or 7 years since that drama came out and these 3 just keep on getting the role of their lives and expanding their international success. I’ve just finished watching Gakkou No Kaidan. I think it's just an average high school drama made special… Continue reading Amuse Trifecta

Korean drama

킬미, 힐미 (Kill Me Heal Me Final)

When Kill Me Heal Me ended,it left a void in my life that no other drama could possibly replace. Unless they make a sequel. Kill Me Heal Me is written by Jin Soo Wan. Knowing it's the writer of The Moon that Embraces the Sun made me optimistic about the show even though it is totally ambitious… Continue reading 킬미, 힐미 (Kill Me Heal Me Final)

Korean drama

킬미, 힐미 (Kill Me Heal Me Revelations)

What’s in a name? For Cha Do Hyun,well..it’s everything! For someone who lives with a number of uncontrollable alters inside, his name strongly establishes his identity in the real world. But what if the one thing he thought he has left doesn’t even belong to him. More so,he has deeply hurt another person in the… Continue reading 킬미, 힐미 (Kill Me Heal Me Revelations)