Amuse Trifecta

My Bloody Monday boys: Fujimaru, Otoya and Hornet. It’s been around 6 or 7 years since that drama came out and these 3 just keep on getting the role of their lives and expanding their international success.

I’ve just finished watching Gakkou No Kaidan. I think it’s just an average high school drama made special by Kamiki Ryunosuke’s performance. It started off interesting as Hirosue Suzu plays a Tsukushi Makino-like character. She plays Tsubame,a special program student gets elected as the Student Council President so that the group of spoiled rich brats called Platinum 8 can bully her even more. Their plan backfires when Shuzukui Kei enters the picture and gives Tsubame the power of speech to turn things around. The premise was interesting,it’s just that,the long and dramatic speeches could get a bit too cheesy. Nevertheless, Kamiki Ryunosuke stole the show.

He showed off his trademark “unconscious acting” once again and gave a stellar performance as the diabolical genius speechwriter determined to get his revenge. He goes over-the-top encouraging and funny then devious and enraged and occasionally sweet… his body,restricted by a wheel chair,won’t allow him to physically act out his emotions, but all of them conveyed flawlessly through his expressive eyes and voice (coz he’s a damn awesome seiyuu).

This isn’t the first time he played cray and we all know how brilliant he is when it comes to conflicted characters such as Hornet,Ninomae Juuichi and of course, Seta Sojiro. Sojiro may not be the lead character in the Rurouni Kenshin series but he stands out among Kenshin’s rivals the same way Kamiki does whenever he gets supporting roles in movies and dramas. He is phenomenal when he gets the lead roles but he still gets critical acclaims and audience’s attention for supporting roles and even cameos. He plays a villain so well, he’d make you want to cheer for the bad guy. Surely,there are no small parts for a young man with such massive natural acting talent like him. I’m looking forward to Bakuman’s live action adaptation wherein he stars alongside Kenshin himself,Sato Takeru.

It’s only been a few days since Takeru’s 26th birthday. He probably never would’ve thought that at this age,he’d already become a huge international star. A movie franchise with a legendary character and a solid following has skyrocketed his career,and he totally deserves it for being passionate about the role,doing his own stunts and all.

Image result for sato takeru rurouni kenshin 2012

The future looks bright and Takeru doesn’t show any signs of fatigue. Right after Rurouni Kenshin Densetsuno Saigo Hen,he went back to the small screen as the cute,dorky,rookie policeman,Sahara Natsuki in Bitter Blood.

This year,he didn’t even have time to receive his Best Action Actor Award for Rurouni Kenshin as he was filming his latest drama,Tenno no Ryoriban where he plays a chef for the Emperor in the Imperial household and as mentioned,the release of Bakuman live action TBA.

Not to be left behind is his Amuse bff with an equally huge fandom. His other half. The H in HT.

The romantic lead material,Miura Haruma is out to reclaim his spot on top.

With the release of his Chinese movie Five Minutes to Tomorrow and the upcoming Shingeki no Kyojin live action movie, Bloody Monday’s “Falcon” continues to soar high in overseas stardom. It was totally unexpected when the casting news for SnK came out since if canon, Mikasa should’ve been the only Asian in the group. There’s still a lot of hate from hardcore fans but obviously the live action movie would not be completely faithful to its written source. Huge risk! I’ve read the manga and watched the anime.My only complaint is that there’ll be no Levi. Oh well he’s too badass to be true anyway.  The movie has just released its trailer and it’s just as dark as I expected. Hopefully, they’d focus on the theme more than CG.

If done right ,this would put Miura Haruma on the same height as Sato Takeru’s Kenshin Himura international fame so Please. be. good.


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