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神さまの言うとおり (Kamisama no Iutoori)

Based on the first arc of the manga series Kamisama no Iu Toori by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and Akeji Fujimura, the action begins when a teacher's head explodes in the middle of the class and a talking Daruma doll appears to force the students into a deadly game of Daruma-san ga koronda. As expected from Takashi… Continue reading 神さまの言うとおり (Kamisama no Iutoori)

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まほろ駅前狂騒曲 (Mahoro Ekimae Kyousoukyoku)

It’s been three years since Mahoro Ekimae Bangaichi but these two equally talented actors, Eita and Ryuhei Matsuda, haven’t lost their charms. Sadly, Mahoro Ekimae Kyousoukyoku’s plot gave them very little to work with. The movie begins with the usual: Tada being a nag and Gyoten being Gyoten. The latter gets hit by a ball and… Continue reading まほろ駅前狂騒曲 (Mahoro Ekimae Kyousoukyoku)