Dear Writer, You had one job.


I saw this article posted on Korea Times and I just can’t help but write my reaction about it because it lacks proper introduction and background check on the actor’s achievements. Indeed, It’s a huge advantage that Song Joong Ki just got discharged from the army before doing The Descendants of the Sun. But even if it weren’t a post-army project, even without “the bittersweet experiences in the barracks”, I’m sure he would still nail his role anyway. He never lived during the Joseon Dynasty before he played Lee Do in Tree with Deep Roots and he certainly didn’t live in the woods like a feral animal before he played Chul Soo in A Werewolf Boy.

“One critical element missing: good acting.”

Song Joong Ki was so good in Tree With Deep Roots that he received an offer to play the role of a king again, the lead in The Moon that Embraces the Sun. But he declined. So the role went to Kim Soo Hyun instead. Kim Soo Hyun even admitted that he used Joong Ki’s young King Sejong performance as a model and inspiration for his role as Lee Hwon.

“He faced difficulty in expanding his fan base beyond young women.“ 

Song Joong Ki is an original member of Running Man, a well loved variety show that draws fans of all ages.

“Some might have assumed he would never return to the screen.”

People have been anticipating his comeback. Joong Ki left with a hit drama and a box office movie before he entered the army. Innocent Man reached 20% ratings while A Werewolf Boy surpassed Architecture 101 and was regarded as the most successful Korean melodrama of all time. So why would anyone assume that the lead in these successful projects will “never return”?

The writer should have cited at least one of Joong Ki’s previous works to justify the unnecessary acting criticism; but this article is so lazily made, it annoys me that my favorite actor is described here as someone who merely relied on his looks. Yes, he’s undeniably good looking but his acting skills and strong onscreen presence allowed him to get away from the stereotypical, alpha male, chaebol roles usually played by “flower boys”!


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