HiGH&LOW Season 2

HiGH&LOW Season 2 takes us back in time: to the origin of the show’s title, the opening of Itokan, the glory days of Mugen, the fight against the Amamiya Brothers, and the rise of the Mighty Warriors.

2012 Great Teacher Onizuka EXILE Akira plays Kohaku alongside versatile actor Arata Iura who plays his bestfriend Tatsuya. While Season 1’s Cobra, Yamato, and Noboru share nostalgic moments over onigiris, Season 2’s Kohaku and Tatsuya share memories over omurice. They soon meet fellow motorcycle enthusiasts – real life MMA fighters, Ohta & Konishi, and Tsukumo (played by Sho Aoyagi from Gekidan EXILE). The youngest members are Naomi’s friends and Tatsuya’s “little brothers”: Cobra (Iwata Takanori) and Yamato (Nobuyuki Suzuki).

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Kohaku and Tatsuya wish they could all stay that way forever. “Eien” would have been nice name but Tatsuya says, “No. It’s Mugen.” The words mean the same but the latter has a certain ring to it. Eventually, this small group of strong bikers become a threat to the Kuryu group, a large organization with several affiliated gangs. Kuryu plots to extinguish Mugen by pitting them against Hyuga’s gang. Mugen wins and the tale of their victory spreads around town. Soon, more and more people decide to ride with them and Mugen welcomes its golden age.

As the number of members continue to grow, Mugen begins to collapse internally. Its founder and peacemaker Tatsuya decides to open his own diner to lead a more peaceful life. Ohta and Konishi accept an offer to become professional fighters abroad. For Kohaku who grew up with no one, Mugen is his everything. He struggles to accept these changes. With a friendship on the brink of falling apart, what used to be a leaderless group turns into a huge, powerful organization led by Kohaku. However, a lot of unidentified people who claim as Mugen members go around town doing shady stuff. They destroy the group’s good reputation and coincidentally run into some trouble with the Amamiya Brothers.

Two of the most swoon-worthy members of EXILE Tribe, EXILE’s Takahiro and Sandaime J Soul Brothers’ Hiroomi Tosaka, play Masaki and Hiroto Amamiya. The former wrestlers face the entire Mugen group together and succeed in what the Hyuga gang failed to do. Cobra just can’t move on from the fact that they were beaten by two guys.

Song: SIN- Ace of Spades feat. Hiroomi Tosaka

More than knowing what really occurred between Mugen and the Amamiya Brothers, what I like most about these flashbacks is that I get to see a cute and talkative Cobra which is totally different from his current cool and taciturn personality as Sannoh Rengokai’s leader.




This season includes losing Tatsuya, Tsukumo in a coma, Mugen’s downfall, Kohaku and Amamiya Brothers’ disappearance but even though it has less humor and has been more on the dramatic side, the action sequences are still as good as the first season.

Featuring Sandaime J Soul Brother’s song “Mugen Road”, Trailer #10 shows Mugen in fierce battles. And they don’t call ’em legends for nothing.

Just like the first season, Cobra gets the most impressive and memorable individual moves in a fight scene. With sexy stares and badass moves, Takanori Iwata continues to be a freakin’ bias ruiner.




As current Sannoh Rengokai leader, things certainly haven’t been easy for Cobra. Aside from his friends getting involved with other S.W.O.R.D. matters, he has to deal with getting Tsukumo and Noboru back to good health. He also has to help Miho (Noboru’s gilfriend) who escaped from the wicked scouts called Doubt.




Doubt is White Rascals’ biggest competitor in the scouting business. While Doubt is exploiting women, the latter aims to protect them. Rocky’s philosophy of not hurting women convinced the strong duo, Kaito and Kizzy, to leave Doubt and join the Rascals instead. Sassy Kizzy quickly became one of my favorites on the show.

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Another versatile young actor, Goki Maeda, goes from friendly task force member in 2015’s Death Note to HiGH& LOW‘s troublemaking transferee. He plays Todoroki, the new kid on the block who’s eyeing Murayama’s spot at Oya Kou.

Fortunately, Todoroki appears at a time when Murayama has grown to be a Cobra-like kind of leader. Had he provoked Oya Kou’s rep one season ago, he simply would’ve been beaten to a pulp and would’ve continued to live his life thinking that strong men are just bullies. Murayama earned his respect. This coming-of-age moment with a little school romance on the side is my favorite thing in this flashback-filled season.

Song: Mighty Warriors / PKCZ(R) feat. Afrojack, Crazyboy, Anarchy, Sway, Mighty Crown (Masta Simon & Sami-T)

The biggest introduction goes to The Mighty Warriors. They briefly appeared in the final episode of the first season but this time, we get to see more of their backstory. Led by J Soul Brothers’ Elly, The Mighty Warriors gained their strength from music and fashion.

I personally don’t like this gang that much since their arrival doesn’t sound like good news to the balance of S.W.O.R.D that’s already hanging by a thread. I also think they’re the most lacking in the acting department and compared to Iemura, Kohaku, and even to the first season’s Daruma Ikka; they are the least intimidating. I look at them and I see singers, not warriors.

As Ice and his gang continues to consolidate their power in the coastal region, the final episode opens with another addition to the growing list of SWORD antagonists. Mr. Lee, the son of a Korean mob boss, is played by BIGBANG’s Seungri whose real name is actually Lee Seung Hyun. He uses the stage name V.I. when performing in Japan.

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Mr. Lee claims to have an important piece of information that can make Kohaku join “the other side”  but the HiGH&LOW trailers tend to give too much away that V.I’s appearance did not create that much of an impact since I feel like I’ve already seen it all on Youtube.

The Iemura Group literally starts to disturb the peace in all SWORD districts and that’s the biggest mistake they could ever make in their lives. You DO NOT want to infuriate the leaders of SWORD! Especially now that Noboru is back and Cobra is more passionate than ever, Murayama has finally understood the kind of leader that he wants to be, Kizzy and Kaito have returned to Club Heaven and… well, Masataka Kubota and Hayashi Kento did not appear this season but we can only expect great things once these awesome actors x formidable leaders show up again.





HiGH&LOW may have a lot of main characters but it does NOT have a confusing plot. (Does it even have one?)  It actually gets a bit tiring at times, the way the show reiterate its theme. This is an entertainment project with a very simple story that’s stretched out to make two seasons and two films when the episodes can fit into one season. Despite the flaws, the show is still definitely an upgrade in all aspects compared to LDH’s previous yankii series Wild Heroes. I can’t stand the scene of them saying “Who Are You?!” while pointing at the camera. *cringe*