더 케이투 (The K2 Ep.1-2)

I don’t really know much about The K2 except the fact that Ji Chang Wook and SNSD’s Yoona will work together in this TvN drama. Funny because after watching the first episode, I still don’t know anything. I saw it with subtitles but it felt like I didn’t. All I remember was blood and biceps. Oh, and the operatic music.

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The episode is fast paced and action-packed and we are introduced to our smokin’ hot hero who tends to his own wounds. There are scenes at a Catholic church as our young heroine gets coerced into entering a convent and later on, as an adult she tries to escape from her powerful pursuers. Surprisingly, the controlling villain is not the assemblyman himself but his chaebol heiress wife who will stop at nothing to achieve her goal of becoming the nation’s First Lady. By her side is a creepy secretary with seemingly lesbian tendencies.

Considering all these, the show gives a lot of Yong Pal vibes and upon checking, I found out that this is indeed a product of Yong Pal‘s screenwriter Jang Hyeok Rin. And I was like, “Oh no.” If there’s one thing I’ve learned from Yong Pal, it is to not go around recommending an unfinished drama to friends (no matter how much you love the main actor or how great the first episode is) because it is uncertain that it’s going to be consistently good til the end. Yet, I didn’t criticize Yong Pal too harshly seeing how Joo Won looked so haggard – doing all the hard work, filming 70% of its earlier action-heavy episodes while all Kim Tae Hee had to do was lie down and look pretty ( since her character’s in a coma in the first few episodes). Fortunately for Joo Won’s sake, Yong Pal was able to maintain its 20% ratings.

Going back to The K2, this show has high production value that is just as good as a pre-produced drama. The exquisite shots were filmed on location in Spain and even the ones from Seoul were done tastefully, hence it was regarded as the next Descendants of the Sun. However, people said the same thing about Uncontrollably Fond and we all know how THAT turned out.

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The first couple of episodes of The K2 include some really cool and sleek fight choreography. Kitty feedin’, granny lovin’, tank top wearin’ Ji Chang Wook, who plays the soldier-on-the-run named Kim Je Ha, obviously worked out and worked hard for his amazing action scenes. I hope the show won’t put all his efforts to waste because even though his moves are awesome, the scenes tend to be headache-inducing due to the shaky camera shots, questionable angles and blaring musical score.

Screenshot 2016-09-25 at 6.51.52 PM.png

As Go Anna, Yoona is beautiful despite looking disheveled but had very little to work with since all she did was run barefoot and desperately cry for help (which is definitely not an easy thing to do). Pretty much the same on the second episode, I can’t comment on her acting skills since she was on the plane, drugged and unconscious. She isn’t a great actress but at least not cringe worthy so it it’s sad to see the endless criticisms she’s been getting when her acting is better than other idols-turned-actresses. Girls’ Day Hyeri was good in Reply 1988 since the role seemed to have been custom-made for her but her weakness and lack of versatility was apparent in Entertainer. IU’s acting was quite forced and stiff in Producer. She has improved in Moon Lovers: Scarlet Ryeo but not powerful enough for a sageuk fusion as she gets outshone by the male leads. Miss A’s Suzy is pretty but overrated and my goodness, A Pink’s Son Na Eun from Cinderella and Four Knights. I have no words. Back to basic acting lessons please.

I think the problem with Yoona is that most of her dramas didn’t really perform well in Korea so people tend to simply conclude that it’s mainly because of her lack of acting skills. I’m not a fan and I haven’t seen any of her projects since Love Rain (I only watched that one for Seo In Guk.) but she gives a decent performance here. Hopefully, she’d be able to hold her own because she’s up against another Yoo Na who’s like a powerhouse.

Screenshot 2016-09-25 at 6.26.56 PM.png

Still gorgeous at 43, Song Yoo Na successfully got into my nerves with her riveting portrayal of a powerful woman filled with grace and sophistication but has a dark, psychotic side and not a single damn care about innocent people’s lives. Two episodes in and the audience are already chanting “Shoot her!” along with Anna. I believe she is like the female version of Nam Gyu Man. The villain you’d love to hate.

The K2 started off with a bang but got a little carried away. There’s too much action and little narrative, good thing the actors are doing a fine job in making their characters intriguing to keep the audience hooked in spite of the plot holes that appear one by one as the story unfolds.

But the main reason for tuning in is the main cause of distraction, too: Ji Chang Wook! Seriously he is so sexy, he just won’t let the viewers concentrate on the story of his own drama. I had to rewind at times just to check if I missed a line from the subtitles while I was picking my jaw off the floor.

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