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Which Hana Yori Dango Live-Action Adaptation Is Your Favorite?

Fervent manga fans are not so thrilled about the Hollywood remake of Ghost in the Shell. More worries ensue as Netflix releases the trailers for its adaptation of the psychological thriller, Death Note. In contrast to the cynical reactions towards Hollywood remakes or reboots, Asian adaptations receive more favorable responses. Such was the case when the producer of Meteor… Continue reading Which Hana Yori Dango Live-Action Adaptation Is Your Favorite?

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HiGH&LOW The Red Rain

The Amamiya Brothers prove why they are the hotshots in the HiGH&LOW universe as they boost the action and deepen the drama in their spin-off entitled The Red Rain. Just like HiGH&LOW The Movie, The Red Rain goes for adrenaline rush right on the onset. Takeru, Masaki, and Hiroto Amamiya show off their motorcycle riding skills… Continue reading HiGH&LOW The Red Rain

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조작된 도시 (Fabricated City)

After starring in the successful action series Healer and The K2, Ji Chang Wook plays his first lead movie role in the big-budget action-crime-thriller Fabricated City and as expected, he takes it all the way to the top of box-office rankings. The movie begins with an explosive opening scene as the Captain and his highly-skilled… Continue reading 조작된 도시 (Fabricated City)