Chinese movie

逆时营救 (Reset)

The South Korean drama offerings for 2017 include several shows that explore the wonders of the time travel trope. The latest addition to this list is Kim Jae Joong’s upcoming series Man-hole. Last weekend I watched Reset, a big budget China-Korea production that also contains the time travel element. Back in 2011, reports about China’s ban on… Continue reading 逆时营救 (Reset)

Chinese movie

美人鱼 (The Mermaid)

The Mermaid has just become the highest grossing Chinese movie of all time and I've read mostly good reviews about it. Looking at the trailer made me curious as to why this film's been getting generally positive feedback regardless of its all-too obvious-fairytale story line and amateurish CG. It's been a long time since Shaolin Soccer… Continue reading 美人鱼 (The Mermaid)